Francis Bacon Opera

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Tues 7th & Thurs 9th May 2013

Lunchtime performances 1pm

Tenth International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival - May 6th to 20th 2013. Book Here

A strong cocktail of art, theatre and music, based on one of the most glorious interviews in television history when Melvyn Bragg plied Francis Bacon with booze as cameras rolled. 
In 1986 Bacon unleashed a firestorm of vitriol on art, beauty, sex and death and revealed his sensitive side, often concealed in
his iconic paintings. 

The rich text is transcribed word-for-word from the South Bank Show episode, with original music to match every twisted turn. 

Footage of the original interview plays at the Hugh Lane Gallery, home of the Francis Bacon studio, as part of the world famous Bacon exhibition there.

Two lunchtime performances of The Francis Bacon Opera will take place in the Hugh Lane Gallery on Tuesday May 7 and Thursday May 9

Composer/director/producer: Stephen Crowe.

Cast: Christopher Killerby (Francis Bacon), Jon Grave (Melvyn Bragg), Elspeth Wilkes (Pianist).

Irish Premiere. Duration: 55mins.

Evening performances (9:30pm nightly) take place at the James Joyce Centre.