Online Sundays@Noon: Anne-Marie O'Farrell - Irish Harp, Konghou

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Anne-Marie O'Farrell - To Bach and Beyond


Konghou (Chinese harp)

J.S. Bach - Prelude from Cello Suite no. 1 BWV1007
John Dowland - Vauxe’s Gigge
J.S. Bach - Allemande from Cello Suite no.  6 BWV1012
Elizabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre - Prelude no. 3, Pièces de Clavessin
John Dowland - Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe
J.S. Bach  -Sarabande from Cello Suite no.  6 BWV1012
J.S. Bach - Prelude from Lute Suite no. 6 BWV1006a

Irish harp:
J.S. Bach - Italian Concerto 2nd movement Andante BWV971
J.S. Bach - Gavottes I and II from Cello Suite no.  6 BWV1012
O’Farrell - Choral Variations on ‘Take My Life and Let it Be’ (2006)

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