Beuys 100: Rónán Ó Raghallaigh: Directions of the Cauldron

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Sunday 17 October, 1pm

Rónán Ó Raghallaigh: Directions of the Cauldron. Filmed performance by Rónán Ó Raghallaigh, 13 min (tbc), colour, Ireland 2021

This performance, filmed at the oak tree on the grounds of IMMA which was planted in 1991 in memory of Beuys, imagines how a druid’s lecture might have sounded or could exist in contemporary times. The result is a ritual speech which incorporates a deer skull in response to Beuys’ artwork “7000 Oaks.” It uses Beuys’ metaphor of Europe as a cauldron as a conceptual framework: the directions of the cauldron all represent different things in relation to the Celtic and affect the reading of “7000 Oaks.” The performative lecture exists in a druidic state of suspended logic which allows for both stability and instability of meaning.

Irish artist Rónán Ó Raghallaigh’s work makes use of the surreal, the symbolic and ritual. It is an act of decolonisation and is its own form of Celtic revivalism in the 21st century informed by postcolonial theory. On Bealtaine 2021, Rónán held a family ceremony where he was re-baptised as a druid.

In 2021 Rónán completed his MFA in Art in the Contemporary World from NCAD during which he wrote a thesis called “Postcolonial Druidry and Joseph Beuys”.

Followed by a conversation between the artist and Dr Francis Halsall.

No booking required but space is limited. People wishing to attend will be required to show vaccination certificates.

There will also be a live-performance by Rónán Ó Raghallaigh at the Goethe-Institut at 6pm on 28 October 2021. Using sacred objects he will enter a druidic trance and attempt to channel Joseph Beuys, drawing the visions he receives immediately afterwards. Booking essential. For more details see here