Hugh Lane Gallery & Create Commission 2022-24

In keeping with both the Hugh Lane Gallery and Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts’ commitment to principles of equality, diversity and inclusion, Hugh Lane Gallery and Create came together with a new commission.

The successful recipient of this commission 2022 – 2024 is filmmaker Jijo Sebastian.

Jijo intends to use this commission opportunity to engage with families from diverse backgrounds in Dublin city, working collaboratively to make a film sharing stories happening in the liminal space between cultures, and communities.

Jijo will bring these families together into a common creative space where stories and experiences will be shared to generate connections across differences. Conceptually this will be an opportunity to explore, question and mediate the existence and nature of a transcultural space and interrogate how the global and local both affect communities in Dublin in transcending cultural boundaries.

This work is intended to forge true and lasting relationships and go past the ‘event’ culture by practising intercultural living via organising social activities with and among members of the group and participating in cultural events of different communities.

This project has begun and the artist has initiated a Call Out to families in Dublin City to collaborate on this film. Email Jijo Sebastian to find out more: [email protected]

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