Accessibility Statement

Hugh Lane Gallery recognises and values the provision of information on this website in a format which is accessible to all, regardless of ability or disability.

The site has been designed in a manner which avoids clutter and provides a consistent navigation methodology throughout the site and strives to allow for plenty white space to avoid clutter.

The use of colour, and links back to main sections allows for easier navigation.

The site has been designed to reach AA (WCAG WAI Level 2) accessibility levels.

The site is developed using valid XHTML and cascading style sheets (CSS) which are screen reader friendly and make the site accessible to more of our citizens.

Our site content is separated from presentation elements, which makes it available to any visitors that use technologies such as a screen reader or text only browser.

Accessible web sites prioritise clear content, structure and ease of navigation over visual aspects of design, however they also need not be visually unattractive, nor are they prevented from using the latest web technologies, provided that all information is still accessible to users.

Setting text size

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External Links

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