So, What? Andy Warhol Three Times Out Seminar

Speakers and chair, So, What? Andy Warhol Three Times Out seminar; and Head of Exhibitions Michael Dempsey

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Speakers and chair, So, What? Andy Warhol Three Times Out seminar; and Head of Exhibitions Michael Dempsey

Watch professional recordings of each of the speakers’ presentations here, as well as the Q+A.

This day long seminar on Friday 19 January 2024 from 10.30am-3.30pm explored fascinating themes arising from the artistic practice, life and contemporary legacy of Andy Warhol. With contributors: critic James Merrigan, author Alice Sherwood, critic and curator Dieter Buchhart, curator Padraic E Moore (talk not available), Hugh Lane Gallery director Barbara Dawson and writer and curator Charlie Porter. Chaired by curator and writer Declan McGonagle. So, What? seminar organised by Cleo Fagan, Education Curator.

Please see further details of each speaker and recordings of their presentations below.

  • Speaker: Barbara Dawson

    Title of talk by Hugh Lane Gallery director Barbara Dawson: ‘Repetition and Production: Warhol, Beard and Bacon’

    Barbara Dawson is Director of the Hugh Lane Gallery. Under her directorship HLG has come to the fore as a leading Irish cultural institution committed to enhancing its collections, creating diverse and challenging exhibitions and to building on its dynamic and inclusive learning programmes. She secured the donation of Francis Bacon’s Studio and Archive and, as project manager, oversaw its successful relocation from London to Hugh Lane Gallery. She is co-curator, with Michael Dempsey, of Andy Warhol Three Times Out and has curated several exhibitions as well as contributing texts on modern and contemporary art.

  • Speaker: Alice Sherwood

    Title of talk by writer Alice Sherwood: From Artist’s Hand to Artist’s Brand: Andy Warhol and the Reinvention of Authenticity.

    Andy Warhol once said ‘Gerard Malanga did a lot of my paintings.’ This talk explores how a Warhol can be a Warhol, even if Andy never touched it.

    Alice Sherwood is currently a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Policy Institute at King’s College London. Alice has undergraduate degrees in philosophy and in chemistry, an MBA, and an MA in literary criticism and narrative non-fiction. She has worked in business, investigative television documentary making, and education and multimedia production at the BBC. She is chair of the Rising Tide women’s network, and has served as a trustee of the Hay Festival Foundation and the London Library. She lives in London and Wales. Authenticity is Alice’s first book. It won a Royal Society of Literature Giles St Aubyn Award for Non-Fiction in 2020.

  • Speaker: Dieter Buchhart

    Title of talk by curator, art theorist and art historian Dieter Buchhart: Basquiat / Warhol. Crossing Lines.

    Dr. Dieter Buchhart is a curator, art historian, and art theorist. As a curator, he has curated major exhibitions on Edvard Munch, Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Alexander Calder, in numerous internationally renowned museums such as the Guggenheim Bilbao; the Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris; the Musée d’Art moderne de Paris; the Albertina, Vienna; the Art Gallery of Ontario; and the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. He holds two doctorates in art history and restoration science. From 2007 to 2009, Dieter Buchhart was director of the Kunsthalle Krems near Vienna. Since 1999, he has written many art critics and monographs and has conducted interviews for Kunstforum International and other art magazines. He has contributed many catalog essays, magazine articles, and lectures as an art theorist. His main research foci range from art around 1900 and Expressionism to art from the 1980s to contemporary art. Moreover, he is a leading expert on the fundamental research on Jean-Michel Basquiat’s artworks.

  • Speaker: James Merrigan

    Title of talk by artist James Merrigan: ‘Work, Warhol, Work!’

    James Merrigan presented on the activity and idea of “work” in the work of Andy Warhol. Beyond Warhol, his objective was to critically question the relationship between work, the artwork, and the artist. And how this ménage à trois of work, artwork and artist plays out in culture, in what Jean Baudrillard calls the opposition between seduction and cultural production.

    James Merrigan emerged as both an artist and art critic during the 2008 financial crash amidst an efflorescent blog culture. He continues to write under the frequency and critically confessional definition of an art blog. He cut his critical teeth as an independent, with a DIY back catalogue of online and printed identities, including +billion-journal and Fugitive Papers. His current identity, Small Night Projects, is where he now edits, screen-prints and exhibits art and text projects for publication and exhibition in collaboration with other artists and editors. He teaches at Gorey School of Art, and lectures in Psychoanalysis and Art at Trinity College Dublin.

  • Speaker: Charlie Porter

    Title of talk by writer and curator Charlie Porter. ‘Warhol Seen, Warhol Unseen: the hyper visibility of the artist, yet the rarity in seeing the work’.

    The starting point for this is both the rarity of seeing work by Warhol in Ireland, and then also what happened in London three years ago – a Warhol show that nobody saw.

    Charlie Porter is a writer and curator from London, whose most recent book is Bring No Clothes: Bloomsbury and the Philosophy of Fashion (Particular Books). His accompanying exhibition is Bring No Clothes: Bloomsbury and Fashion, at Charleston in Lewes until 3 March 2024. HIs previous exhibitions are Robert Mapplethorpe: Fashion, Clothes, People, Pictures at Xavier Hufkens, and Palimpsest at Lismore Castle Arts. His previous book is What Artists Wear (Penguin).

  • Panel discussion, chaired by Declan McGonagle.



    In this recording, the panel members James Merrigan, Alice Sherwood, Dieter Buchhart, Padraic E Moore, Barbara Dawson and Charlie Porter and chair Declan McGonagle are in discussion, following their presentations.

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