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18 May-11 June 2023

Admission Free

We are delighted to collaborate with LYCS on this exhibition which was launched by Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy.

18 May-11 June 2023

Solder: Global Connection through Art is the culmination of two years intense work by adult participants in the LYCS Global Citizenship project. The artists accepted the challenge to investigate and reflect upon Global Citizenship Education and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Working with Helena Murphy in LYCS, there were many weeks of debate and reflection, after which the participants worked with artist Claire Halpin to bring their responses to life in stained glass.

At the outset of their project the artists visited the Hugh Lane Gallery where they were welcomed by Jessica O’Donnell, Head of Education and Community Outreach and with artist Claire Halpin drew inspiration from the outstanding work of Harry Clarke, Evie Hone, James Scanlon, Paul Bony and Wilhelmina Geddes on view in the Gallery’s stained glass room.

We are delighted to collaborate with LYCS on this exhibition and congratulations to these artists whose skilful works successfully connect these global concerns with the NEIC area. Thank you to the  artists Bernie Sweeney, Brian Godwin, Jean O’Connor, Joan Traynor, Marion Nolan, Michael McCusker, Tungaa Daramsed; to Helena Murphy, Martin McConigley, Adult Education Coordinator, LYCS, and artist Claire Halpin. 

Solder: Global Connection Through Art was launched by Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy at the Hugh Lane Gallery on 18 May.

Read more about this project and the stained glass panels here  Solder Global Connection through Art

Admission Free, All Welcome


Hugh Lane Gallery is committed to its education and community outreach programmes which extend throughout Dublin city and embrace inspiring and innovative projects and programmes for audiences and individuals of all ages. These programmes forge a multiplicity of connections through imaginative and creative engagement with the gallery’s collections, exhibitions and visual art practice enabling children, young people and adults deepen their understanding and connection to the artistic life that surrounds them and realise their own artistic potential.

  • About the LYCS Global Citizenship Project – Martin McConigley

    Martin McConigley – Adult Education Coordinator, LYCS

    Two years ago, a group of Adult Learners practicing the art of stained-glass in LYCS made their way to the Hugh Lane Gallery. The group had just agreed to take part in an ambitious project that would test their creativity, world view, and artistic skill. They went to the Gallery to see the work of Harry Clarke and to immerse themselves in this iconic location. They returned to LYCS filled with ideas and the claim — made with a laugh — that they would see their own work hanging beside Harry’s very soon. Little did we know what a prophetic claim this would be. The LYCS Stained-glass Group have spent the last two years developing their understanding of Global Citizenship Education and the art on display here explores issues that impact the lives of people living in inner city Dublin. Over many months the group discussed the issues they saw around their city and community: homelessness, hunger, a lack of educational opportunity, inequality of many kinds, racism, ecological threats. The list was endless. They also spoke about how these issues have a global significance. The challenges that face our city, our community, is unfortunately replicated all over the world. The images on display depict local scenes but could depict individuals and circumstances from any part of the world. This is an era of unprecedented environmental, economic, social, and political crisis. This work is a response to that threat.


  • About the LYCS Global Citizenship Project -Claire Halpin – Artist and Facilitator

    Claire Halpin – Artist and Facilitator

    My role in the project was as an artist and facilitator. Working with the group of artists to bring ambition and scale to their design and artworks. Visited Stained Glass Room at Hugh Lane Gallery to put their artworks on another level as a first step in the project. Leading them through a creative process from idea and concept around the SDG themes through visualisation, design and composition. With the artists as a group sharing ideas and inspirations. Developing images and designs on global themes but localised, unique and highly personal to each artist.

    As I continually reiterated to the group – these artworks have never existed in the world before – they are truly original and unique and beautiful. What was technically possible I was guided by the group. My role was to instil confidence, ambition and trust and pride in their skills, ability and achievements in creating these incredible stained glass artworks. And to then bring the works to exhibition stage with the first exhibition at Charleville Mall Library in March 2023. And an unforeseen outcome for the power, importance and relevance of these works and exhibition to be acknowledged and affirmed by Hugh Lane Gallery through continued conversations with Jessica O’Donnell. Which led to the invitation to exhibit Solder works here at Hugh Lane Gallery… what an honour and privilege to be on this beautiful creative journey with this truly fantastic group.

At the launch of Solder: Global Connection through Art with Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy.

Visiting the Hugh Lane Gallery at the start of the project.

At Charleville Mall Library.

At the Hugh Lane Gallery

Artist Claire Halpin with Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy, Barbara Dawson and Jessica O’Donnell.

At the Hugh Lane Gallery

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