Sundays at Noon: Crash Ensemble presents ‘Strange Waves’

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Sunday 19 November 2023

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Crash Ensemble present ‘Strange Waves’ by Ed Bennett performed by Kate Ellis, cello.

Presenting the Irish premiere of Ed Bennett’s Strange Waves performed live by Crash cellist and Artistic Director Kate Ellis. Released in October 2023 on the Ergodos label, Strange Waves is a collaboration between Ed Bennett and Kate Ellis.

Speaking about the evolution of the project, Kate Ellis: “This record began with an email in my inbox from Ed early in 2020 saying: “I’m dabbling with a piece at the moment for 8 multi tracked cellos… I’m thinking quite big, and it could be a record in itself with multiple movements…” Ed sent a first draft of the score in June of 2020. The music he had created was immensely beautiful and resonated strongly with the strange sense of calm and slowing of time that I was experiencing and so began the recording of ideas between lockdowns. The final recording of the piece took place between May and June of this year at home in Crumlin, Dublin.”

“Growing up by the Irish sea, the sound of waves has been ever present in my life and in recent years has found its way into the music. At first, I didn’t notice this, but as I started to hear overlapping textures and loops in my work, I realised that there was something about this seemingly endless quality I was seeking.” Ed Bennett


photo credit Laura Sheeran

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