Sundays at Noon : Bianca Gannon and ConTempo Quartet

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Sunday 23 June 2024

Admission Free; Book in advance Book

Booking available HERE from 10am Monday 17th June

‘To Hope, To Trust’

Bianca Gannon – percussion, piano

ConTempo Quartet –

Bogdan Sofei, violin I

Ingrid Nicola, violin II

Andreea Banciu, viola

Adrian Mantu, cello


To Hope,To Trust – Bianca Gannon

Company – Philip Glass

Between Light – Bianca Gannon

Valencia – Caroline Shaw.

Meditative Improvisation by Bianca Gannon

Swoop by Holly Harrison

New Work by Bianca Gannon

This collaboration has come about through the (eventual) shared admiration of one another’s work. Dreaming of someday collaborating with her musical heroes, Bianca Gannon from ages 15-18 worked as a volunteer at nearly every ConTempo Concert before moving overseas to pursue music. Having only recently resettled in Ireland – that someday is upon us: this collaboration and personal win has been 20 years in the making. A message to our (teenage) selves: Hope, Trust.








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