Sundays at Noon: Julie Sassoon- piano and Willi Kellers – Percussion

Julie Sassoon- piano and Willi Kellers - Percussion

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Sunday 28 May 2023

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Julie Sassoon- piano and Willi Kellers - Percussion

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Please note due to a government event in Parnell Square, this concert will take place at the earlier time of 11.00 am

Julie Sassoon – piano

Willi Kellers – percussion

This unique Berlin-based duo create meditative improvisations of transcendental proportions, lyrical melodies and percussive outbursts hailing the worlds of Bartok and Stravinsky, layered with wild jazz, African drumbeats in explosive abandon… then suddenly, a switch to quiet almost inaudible sequences. Classically trained pianist Julie Sassoon gradually moved from the traditional genre through jazz into improvised music.Amongst countless jazz greats, Willi Kellers has played with Keith Tippett and Marylin Crispell. Julie Sassoon, whose playing has frequently been compared with Keith Jarrett’s legendary Cologne concert, moves between composition and improvisation.


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