Time and Time Again: An Exhibition by Young Visionaries

(Left) Rita Duffy, Sofa, 1997. (Right) Diana Copperwhite, Sleep Walker, 2019. Collection & image © Hugh Lane Gallery

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10 July 2024 – 22 September 2024

Admission Free

(Left) Rita Duffy, Sofa, 1997. (Right) Diana Copperwhite, Sleep Walker, 2019. Collection & image © Hugh Lane Gallery

Time and Time Again is an exhibition curated by Young Visionaries about the past, present, and future of society. Ideated and executed by members of Dublin’s next generation of leaders, this exhibition activates a selection of objects from the Hugh Lane Gallery’s collection in an immersive experience that considers both individual and collective narratives underscoring time: growing up, reaching the present moment, and then anticipating the open-ended future.


Over the course of three months, a group of young visionaries worked alongside Fulbright Scholar Allison Carey to learn about curatorial practice within the Hugh Lane Gallery and beyond. During collaborations with the Gallery’s staff, visits to artist studios across Dublin, and meetings with accomplished Irish curators, the Transition Year students re-examined the meaning and potential of curatorial practice and Galleries at large. These experiences and conversations prepared the group to ideate and execute their own exhibition, based off of the Hugh Lane’s collection.

Animating artworks from the Hugh Lane Gallery’s collection through lived experiences, Time and Time Again retraces the experiences that define growing up, reaching the present moment, and anticipating the daunting future—as seen from the perspective of Dublin’s youth.

Opening alongside MORE POWER TO YOU– an exhibition highlighting the work of Sarah Purser, a historic visionary who shaped the Hugh Lane Gallery’s trajectory– Time and Time Again introduces the next generation of visionaries into the Hugh Lane Gallery. Inspired by Sir Hugh Lane’s mission of utilizing a contemporary interpretive lens that both embraces and expands tradition, the young curators acknowledge the daunting responsibility they hold over the future, utilizing art as a means of reflecting upon how we got here, and where we go next.

The Young Visionaries responsible for this exhibition are: Quynh Anh Nguyen, Iraya Buenache Vallejo, Andreea Cojocaru, James Diana, Carly Gavin, Kate Hill, Daire Howard, Maya Lily Lawless, Roisin O’Connor, Elizabeth Troup, and Amelia White.

The exhibition was planned by Allison Carey, assisted by Tori Boccarossa, as part of our art education programmes for young people.

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Lavacourt under Snow Claude Monet 1878-1881