Making Strange: Warhol Refracting -Screening of Time by Garett Bradley

Film still from Time by Garrett Bradley

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Friday 12 January 2024


Film still from Time by Garrett Bradley

Making Strange: Warhol Refracting is a screening programme with film curator Alice Butler. As one of the most recognisable artists of the twentieth century Andy Warhol is a figure whose work, persona and signature appearance feels known on some level by audiences around the world. This film series explores what might be revealed when we look at Warhol at a remove or in refraction; through the work of his friends, the city with whom his identity is so intertwined and through artists making work today whose themes or ideas connect with or expand upon those Warhol was inspired by.


Today’s film screening Time (81 minutes, 2020) by artist Garrett Bradley is introduced by film curator Alice Butler who will also lead a post-screening Q & A.

What does the weight of time’s passage feel like for a family caught in the jaws of a brutal carceral system? Both a breathtaking cinematic love story and a bruising indictment of American injustice, Garrett Bradley’s Academy Award–nominated feature documentary debut traces the decades-long quest of Sibil Fox Richardson, an indefatigable mother of six and a fiercely outspoken prison abolitionist, to free her husband from the Louisiana State Penitentiary, where he is serving a sixty-year sentence for robbery. Gracefully interweaving twenty years’ worth of Richardson’s own intimate home movies with luminously expressive monochrome footage of her present-day joys and struggles, Bradley crafts in Time a transcendentally poetic, soul-shaking look at the devastating toll of mass incarceration and one family’s extraordinary efforts to stay whole. (Description taken from Criterion web page.)

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