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Saturday 6 July 2024


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Join us for the screening of a selection of short films by São Paulo born and Dublin based filmmaker Ingrid Machado. Ingrid will also present her upcoming feature Veredas (in production), and discuss this project, in conversation with artist and filmmaker Helena Gouveia Monteiro

Veredas is set in the Atlantic Forest and  explores the oral traditions and complex interactions between past and present, revealing its political, economic, and environmental challenges. This is her her first feature documentary, which has been selected for a Development Cine Lab in La Paz (Bolivia).

« The motivation behind this documentary is profoundly personal. As someone who never had the opportunity to meet my maternal grandmother and whose image is unknown to me, I feel an intrinsic need to reconstruct her story and honour her memory. By exploring the lives and stories of my family, both maternal and paternal, I see an opportunity to capture and preserve the unique narratives and challenges faced by these communities within a broader historical and social context. This documentary not only seeks to fill a gap in my own understanding of the past but also aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of the complexities and struggles faced by those who inhabit the rural regions of northeastern Minas Gerais, whose lives are intrinsically linked to the Atlantic Forest and its cultural and environmental history. » Ingrid Machado

Ingrid studied film in both Barcelona and Dublin and has received support from the Arts Council of Ireland. Two of her short films were presented as part of First Frames at Dublin Film Festival and she was the cinematographer for the queer documentary ‘LIBRE’.

Beyond filmmaking, she writes film essays on Canal Claquete (Rio de Janeiro) and is the founder of Solax Film Club (Dublin), a DIY pop-up cinema celebrating independent and art house cinema.

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