Mixtape: Andy Warhol Reading Group

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8 October
5 November
3 December
14 January

Fee: €28 Book

On the occasion of the Hugh Lane Gallery’s first Andy Warhol exhibition, Andy Warhol Three Times Out, artist and critic James Merrigan has selected a mixtape of texts that broach the objects and subjects of Warhol’s art through cultural, critical and psychoanalytic perspectives.

Once a month, during the four-month span of the exhibition, he will lead a reading group supported by texts by (among others) Gary Indiana, Robert Hughes, Isabelle Graw, Dave Hickey, Hal Foster and Wayne Koestenbaum.

With Andy Warhol’s artworks in-house, the reading group will get up close and personal with the artworks in the exhibition, and the artist behind the artworks.

Sundays from 2.15-4.15pm on the following dates: 8 October, 5 November, 3 December, 14 January

No experience necessary. Booking essential.



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