Dreamt: Summer School

Image courtesy of Austin Hearne; photographed by Louis Haugh; from Love Letters to Cardinal Raymo exhibition at The Periphery Space, Wexford

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Friday 30 August - Sunday 1 September 2024

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Image courtesy of Austin Hearne; photographed by Louis Haugh; from Love Letters to Cardinal Raymo exhibition at The Periphery Space, Wexford

Dreamt: Papier Mache, Zine Making & Psychoanalysis Summer School with artists Alan Phelan, Dorje De Burgh & Austin Hearne. Curated by James Merrigan. 

Join us for our annual three-day summer school for adults which this year is facilitated by artist and art critic James Merrigan. The programme will include artist talks, facilitated discussions and mixed media artistic workshops.

No experience necessary and materials are provided.

For more details please see schedule.

  • Schedule

    Friday 30 August 2024

    09.45am Welcome with Hugh Lane Gallery Education Curator Cleo Fagan, registration, coffee/tea

    10.00-12.00pm Through a psychoanalytic lens, James Merrigan will introduce the work of the artists Alan Phelan, Dorje De Burgh and Austin Hearne, who will be facilitating the workshops. As a group, we will then discuss how psychoanalysis is used to discuss art with real examples in the Hugh Lane Collection.

    12.00-1.00pm Lunch

    1.00-2.00pm Visual Thinking Strategies session* looking a selected artworks on display.

     2.00-3.00pm Individual artist presentations by Alan Phelan, Dorje De Burgh and Austin Hearne.

    Saturday 31 August

    10.00-12.00am Part 1 of Alan Phelan Papier-mâché Workshop: The purpose of the workshop would be to introduce some of the advantages of using papier-mâché in making sculptures. The aim would be to produce a sculpture based on the work of Vincent Fecteau using an assemblage rather than modelling and casting method, essentially glueing forms together and covering in paper and glue. Using Fecteau as a guide is useful as it covers some progressive ideas around oppositions of pure abstraction and referentiality, exterior and interior, front and back, straightness and curvedness, hardness and softness, greyness and colour. His work is discussed using terms like anxiety or vertigo and belief without a subject, refusing binaries — so much more than hard to read shapes. This open method of art making will be a key into the psychoanalytic framework for the summer school.

    12.00-1.00pm Lunch

    1.00-3.00pm Dorje de Burgh and James Merrigan Zine-Making workshop: Over the course of the weekend, three artists will bring their own creative skill sets in the development of a zine, from screen-printing to manipulation of paper surface.

    Sunday 1 September

    11.00am-1pm Part 2 of Fecteau workshop with Alan Phelan

    1.00-2.00pm Lunch

    2.00-4pm Austin Hearne will add his idiosyncratic surface manipulation of paper to the cumulative zine-making project.

    3.30-4.00pm Plenary session: Everyone to gather to ask questions or make observations on the weekend of discussion and art making.

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