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Zooom@Hugh Lane Gallery is our ambitious city-wide programme with primary schools. Since its inception in December 2018, over 2,300 children to date from across Dublin City have participated in our innovative city-wide project. It is our ambition to incrementally engage year on year with every primary school in the Dublin city area.


As the gallery for the city of Dublin, the participating schools in our Zooom@Hugh Lane Gallery project are located throughout the five administrative areas of Dublin City Council. Initiated in December 2018, this outreach project has so far engaged with 83 primary schools and over 2,300 children to date. It is our ambition to work with every primary school in the Dublin City area.

Phase V of the project ran from April to June 2023 with 10 schools participating and saw 350 children engaging with the gallery, many for the first time. There were 12 online pre visits to schools led by the project facilitator and 21, in-person, artist led workshops looking at 13 different artworks from the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. Of the visiting schools, 6 were  DEIS (designated disadvantaged) and 4 were non-DEIS.

About Zooom@Hugh Lane Gallery: Through this project we create imaginative and impactful  connections between primary school children, their teachers and the Hugh Lane Gallery, its collection, and temporary exhibitions through close looking, discussion, sketching and art workshops designed and led by artists from the Hugh Lane’s artists panel. The project name Zooom stems from the aspiration to look closely at sometimes overlooked aspects of an artwork as inspiration for creating new work.  The project includes a pre-visit (online or in-person) to the participating schools when the children are introduced to the project and artworks from the Gallery. Next is a visit to the Hugh Lane Gallery to look at, discuss and sketch artworks in the galleries followed by an artist-led workshops in the Hugh Lane’s dedicated education studio space where the children make artwork in a variety of media inspired by the artwork in focus. Phase I-IV saw green screen animation used to capture each sessions’ creative outputs, in Phase V the children explored Zines as a way to share their creations. Feedback is actively encouraged and gathered from participating teachers and children and their responses as well as the artwork made demonstrates the significant positive impact the project is having.

Zooom@HughLaneGallery  project concept curated by Jessica O’Donnell, Head of Education and Community Outreach, e. [email protected] and  Liliane Puthod, Project Facilitator (Phases I &II).

Jane Fogarty Project Facilitator (Phase III and IV; Phase V 2023)

Liliane Puthod, Project Facilitator (Phases I &II);

Kimberly Griffith, Project Facilitator (Phase III)

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