Hugh Lane Gallery and Foundations Project

Artist-led art workshop at the Hugh Lane Gallery

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Artist-led art workshop at the Hugh Lane Gallery

We hope to create connections through our community engagement programmes that enable children, families and adults enjoy art in a beautiful civic space that is free and open to all.

Enjoying and creating art helps with all aspects of learning. Participation in the cultural life of our city is essential for improving children’s sense of belonging.

The Hugh Lane Gallery’s collaboration with the CDETB Foundations Project seeks to offer children caught up in the uncertainty of living in temporary accommodation opportunities for enjoying the creative space and immersion in the cultural life of their city, Dublin through artist-led programmes of creative engagement.

Since 2017, fantastic work has made by the participating children and teens during ongoing artist-led after school and summer programmes at the Hugh Lane Gallery.

The publication A Space to Create was produced earlier in the project to share and celebrate the creativity of the children and participating artists.

Explore our extraordinary collection of modern and contemporary art through our online collection.

Self Portrait Sarah Cecilia Harrison 1889