Young Visionaries

  • Students & Teachers

14 February 2024 - 16 May 2024

Young Visionaries is a weekly programme that offers Transition Year students the opportunity to learn about curatorial practice and museum work within the context of the Hugh Lane Gallery, culminating in the curation of an exhibition inspired by the Gallery’s collection, opening 9 July, 2024. 

Through this collaborative project, Transition Year students are learning about curatorial practice within the context of the Hugh Lane Gallery and its extensive collection. Under the guidance of Allison Carey, Hugh Lane Curatorial Fulbright Scholar, students are exploring different aspects of museum work as they collaborate with the Gallery’s staff, local artists, and prominent curators across Dublin. The group is reflecting on their own perspectives as young citizens and the larger role art plays in society as they explore the unique facets of art and curatorship, and as they brainstorm and execute their own curatorial vision, which will be exhibited within the Hugh Lane Gallery.

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